If you want to know about crime, what causes it and how it is dealt with then this is where you can find out here at Mackesys Crime

First, check out the Crimes page. This will give you the basics on crime and how it fits in with the media, politicians, and business.

Take a look at the Topics. This month we take a look at Crime, Drugs and Alcohol.  Find out about the statistics and issues surrounding this topic and then take our What do you know?

Get The Facts will give you the information and the Gallery will give you the pictures to go with it. If you need help with the jargon then the Common terms is the place to look. Judge For Yourself puts you in the position of a judge deciding on the right sentence for an offender - so if you think they always get it wrong this is the place to have a go yourself. The What do you know? section gives you the chance to test your knowledge.

This Month’s Cheers and Jeers

This month’s cheers go to Lord Justice Leveson, the senior presiding judge in England and Wales, for pointing out that ‘spot fines and cautions make criminal law a farce’. At a lecture for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Lord Leveson claimed that the ‘huge growth in on-the-spot fines to keep offenders out of the courts is in danger of bringing the law into disrepute’.  http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/law/article3090380.ece

The jeers this month go to the Government’s plans for three new ‘Titan’ jails, housing up to 2,500 inmates each. The prospect of giant prisons has generated worries that they will do nothing to improve public safety or help reduce re-offending. Operating economies of scale will mean fewer staff and resources for prisoners’ welfare and rehabilitation. According to Anne Owers, Chief Inspector of Prisons, the evidence is that smaller prisons do better than larger ones.