High standards and excellence aswell as having a high array of specialist services to suit every individual’s needs and budget is what people ask of solicitors. Many solicitors offer a confidential free advice service to define the problem and develop a cost-effective solution strategy. Learn more about crime and justice.

Whatever the case, solicitors can provide you with a highly effective service, which will bring you the peace of mind you require. Below are services many people typically offer, please feel free to call us on 0203 747 1865 for further information.

Investigation Services For Londoners:


Private detectives can trace people, this can include missing persons, old friends, relatives and debtors. Our private investigators in London can operate internationally to successfully trace a person. Find out more.

Insurance Fraud:

Investigation to check the bona fides of suspect claimants. Surveillance is used to provide full details of subjects on sick leave corroborated with photo and/or video evidence. In addition to this, many investigation teams also have a neighbourhood enquiry service.

This involves gathering information for persons moving to an unfamiliar area who wish to know details about their immediate and surrounding areas, ie: Is your road used by rush hour traffic? Is the area noisy late at night? Is the area troubled by teenage groups/vandalism etc? Contact us for more.


A surveillance team are normally qualified and experienced that produce results every time. They can uncover the truth in any circumstances under any environment. Many also provide the evidence in photo and/or video format if requested.

Background Checks:

Investigators can examine a person’s past and present to reveal their personal history.

  • Addresses
  • Family background
  • Criminal history
  • Previous marriages/divorces as well as relationships
  • Employment background
  • Academic history