In this exercise you will have the chance to work through a fictitious case.

You will then be asked to make a judgement based on the facts and testimonies of those involved.

The facts of the case

Joe Blank has served nearly five years of a ten year sentence and is beingconsidered for parole. Should he get it? Put yourself in the shoes of aParole Board member. Your task will be to decide whether he should getparole now, whether he should spend a bit longer in prison but have a review of the situation within a year, or be refused parole and serve the remaining 20 months he would normally stay in prison.This is how the newspapers reported his conviction:


18-year old Joe Blank was sentenced to 10 years for attacking single Mum Peterine Clegg as she did her regular overnight stint at local petrol service station. He stabbed her seven times.

“I was terrified,” she said. “He came at me like a wild thing, screaming and shouting with the knife. I thought I was going to die. The stupid thing was – he only took a packet of cigarettes.”