A charity which aims to inform and educate about all aspects of crime and the criminal justice system from an objective standpoint. For more information, please contact chris.eades@kcl.ac.uk

http://www.kcl.ac.uk/Mackesys Crime

Action for Prisoners’ Families

promotes the just treatment of prisoners’ families by the prison system and society across the UK. It encourages the development of, and acts as a voice for, organisations providing support to these families.



an umbrella body that supports and develops the work that voluntary organisations undertake within the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales.



independent voluntary organisation working to reduce crime.


Prison Reform Trust

charity working to develop a just, humane and effective penal system.


Churches Criminal Justice Forum

an inter-denominational network designed to uphold Christian values in the field of criminal justice.


Victim Support

independent charity which helps people cope with the effects of crime.


Parole Board for England and Wales

exists to make risk assessments to inform decisions on the release and recall of prisoners with the ultimate aim of protecting the public.


Magistrates Association

educating and instructing Magistrates in the Law, the administration of justice, the treatment of offenders and the best methods of preventing crime.


British Society of Criminology

furthering the interests and knowledge, both academic & professional, of persons engaged in any aspect of teaching and research, and advancing and researching public education about crime, criminal behaviour, and the criminal justice systems in the United Kingdom.