You can of course ease the burden of these funeral costs by planning ahead. There are many funeral plans on the market that help to pay for the funeral or make a considerable contribution to the final costs. Visit this website for more information.

There are established UK plans from well-known funeral service companies in the UK. Please shop around for the best prices but ensuring that you know exactly what you will get for your monthly payments.

You will often see funeral plans for the over 50s on TV and online. They do appear to represent great value.

However, be aware that you may pay more into the plan and you actually get out. For example: one person could pay into the plan for 15 years, whilst another person might only pay into the plan two years but both persons get the same benefit…is this fair value?

Click here to see what you can include in your will.

Cost Saving Top Tips

When speaking with Funeral Directors or Solicitors take someone with you, you can trust to get a different un-emotional perspective of the pro’s advice. Often you can be mislead or pay over the odds for things you don’t really need.

Don’t be frightened to say no to a service or say you’ll check it out and ‘get back to them’. Most of us are vulnerable when it comes to funeral costs and can easily fall for the ‘do you want fries with that’ salesman… yes even Funeral Directors sell-up – it’s a business after all!

Keep quiet about your wealth as you are open to being over-charged for things.

Beware of casket / coffin prices that vary from one seller to another. If fact there is no need to buy one – design and make it yourself in advance if you want!

You don’t need to be embalmed unless you are having an open-top casket – many funeral homes will tell you it is required and charge you hundreds!

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